Park Rules

Park Rules, Conditions & General Holiday Home Advice

These park rules are in place for the good management of Clarach Bay Holiday Village and the benefit of all who use it.

The expression ‘you’/’your’ means the caravan/chalet owner and/or occupier and this includes anyone using or hiring the caravan/chalet from you.  The expression ‘we’/’us’/’our’ refers to the park owner and/or manager.

Please make sure that anyone using the caravan/chalet is aware of the park rules.

You are reminded that breach of these rules is a could result in the removal of your caravan/chalet from the park.



1. You should use the park safely and should not cause danger to others.
2. You should obey all health and safety notices displayed on the park and act on the reasonable instructions of park staff in matters of health and safety.
3. In the interests of Health and Safety, we ask that children under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult at all times between 9.00pm until 7.00am.
4. We ask that children do not congregate and loiter around the park in gangs.
5. Please be aware that during periods of inclement weather, certain areas of the park may be slippery underfoot. Surfaces may be icy and/or muddy. We recommend that you always wear appropriate footwear and tread with caution.
6. All accidents must be reported to the park reception (or bar, if the accident occurred here) as soon as possible after the incident occurred and documented in the park accident book.
7. You should not leave items on the common areas of the grass, that is any area which is not designated as your pitch. We reserve the right to remove any item that causes an obstruction to the grass cutter or strimmer.
8. You and your guests or visitors should follow the Countryside Code at all times, a copy of which can be found at or



9. You are solely responsible for securing the caravan/chalet. A spare set of keys for your caravan/chalet must be left at the park reception; this is for emergency purposes and no charge is made.
10. You may only use alarms of the silent, monitored type and not audible alarms.
11. We do not accept responsibility for any personal loss or loss or damage sustained to the caravan/chalet, vehicle or associated property whilst on the park, unless such loss or damage has arisen as a result of our negligence or breach of our obligations to you. Please note that CCTV is operational on the park for your security and safety.



12. You must follow the procedure for use of the swimming pool and all the separate rules applicable to the pool. The rules and procedure are displayed at the entrance to the swimming pool.



13. The caravan/chalet may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the ‘maximum sleeping capacity’ for which it was designed.



14. Only people lawfully staying with your permission have permission to enter the park.
15. Your visitors must leave the park by 9pm.
16. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors and all occupiers of the caravan/chalet adhere to the park rules. For security and health and safety reasons, please make reception aware of any visitors occupying the caravan/chalet (ahead of their visit) by completing and returning the subletting occupancy form.



17. You must not change the exterior colour or finish of the caravan/chalet without our prior consent in writing.
18. The caravan/chalet must be maintained in a good state of repair and condition. Any gas or electrical appliance must conform with the appropriate British Standard.
19. Developments to caravan/chalet pitches are only permitted if the work is carried out by the park.
This includes decking, patios and all types of masonry work, fences, slabs or any other type of work that will alter the appearance of your caravan/chalet, its pitch or surrounding area.
20. Decking maintenance, including painting/staining or altering the general appearance of the decking must be authorised before starting work. An example of the desired colour of paint/stain must be given to the park reception for permission to be granted.
21. In an effort to maintain a pleasant holiday environment work to your caravan/chalet can not take place during bank holidays or during any of the school holidays. For example, Easter, Whitsun, summer holidays and October half term. Furthermore work can only take place between the hours of 9am and 5pm



22. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the caravan/chalet pitch.
23. You are responsible for keeping the area around the caravan/chalet clean and tidy.
24. The underside of caravans and steps must be kept clear at all times.
25. Windbreaks must be dismantled at the end of each day and when the caravan/chalet is not in use.
26. To maintain standards on the park and to prevent damage to the park and its installations, any development works to the caravan/chalet or pitch, including decking, patios and all types of masonry work, fences, slabs or any other type of work that will alter the appearance of the caravan/chalet, the pitch or surrounding area must be done by us or our contractor(s). You agree to pay us for any development works to the caravan/chalet or pitch at your request. We will provide you with a written quotation for any works to the caravan/chalet or pitch.
27. ‘For sale’, ‘For let’ or similar signs situated on the caravan/chalet or the pitch are not permitted.
28. Hot tubs are not permitted.
29. No wooden or metal structures, such as children’s play equipment or similar, are permitted.
30. Flags are not permitted in the area outside the Caravan.



31. You are only permitted to have one metal or plastic external storage box (timber storage boxes are not permitted) and it must not exceed 122cm (4ft) high by 183cm (5ft) across.
32.Your storage box must be located at the back of the caravan/chalet. If this is not possible, it must be located on the same side as the door.



33. It is your responsibility to drain down and prepare the caravan/chalet for the closed season. By prior arrangement with the park reception, we can drain down and prepare the caravan for the closed season on your behalf. Please contact the park reception who would be pleased to assist and book this in for you.
34. During the closed season we recommend that the curtains of the caravan/chalet are drawn back and all items of value removed.
35. All windows, skylights and doors should be locked securely when the caravan/chalet is not in use.



36. You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies’ nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.



37. You must not erect any tent or gazebo on the park.



38. You must not cut any trees or hedges at the park. If you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory you should take the matter up with us; do not deal with it yourself. Trees on the park are subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) which makes it a criminal offence to damage or carry out work on a tree protected by a TPO without obtaining permission from the local planning authority.
39. You must not plant any tree or shrub.
40. You must not tie ropes or drive nails into trees.



41. You must not dig any hole at the park.



42. You may only use washing lines of the window sill type and must remove them and store them out of sight immediately after use.



43. You must not deposit refuse outside the caravan/chalet. You should use the refuse bins provided.
44. Recycling points are available on the park and you should use these facilities where appropriate.
45. Items such as cardboard boxes must be compressed as much as possible so that they take up less space at the recycling points.
46. Non-domestic refuse such as furniture, electrical appliances, building materials or waste or similar, must not be disposed of on the park. These items must be disposed of in accordance with the local waste management service. We can provide recommended disposal companies, if required.
47. If you find that a bin is overflowing, please report it to the park reception.



48. For reasons of health and safety, and ensuring gas bottles are un-damaged and transported safely to the caravan/chalet, gas bottles are available from the park only. These must be paid for prior to delivery to you. Gas delivery times may vary; please check with the park reception for further details.
49. Due to circumstances outside our control, such as supplier demand and availability, our ability to supply gas bottles to you may be affected. We will notify you in advance if you may be affected by our supply. We recommend that you ensure you have sufficient gas to last during any period during which the park office is closed.
50. You must store no more than 2 gas bottles on the pitch.
51. If you experience any problem with the park’s electrical, gas or water system, you should contact us. You must not attempt to work on any part of the park’s electrical, gas or water system yourself; this includes any installations on the pitch.
52. The use of electricity generators is not permitted on the park.




53. All vehicles on the park must be roadworthy, taxed and have a valid MOT and be insured to drive on the road.
54. You must insure all vehicles you use on the park as for use on the public road.
55. You must insure all accessories and items towed by vehicles (such as boats and jet skis) as for use on the public road.
56. Charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs):

  1. There are no EV charging points on any of our holiday parks
  2. DO NOT charge your EV via an extension lead from your caravan or from any electrical supply point throughout our holiday parks.

57. You must not keep disused or un-roadworthy vehicles anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned.
58. You must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park:

  1. major vehicle repairs such as dismantling of part(s) of the engine
  2. works which involve the removal of oil or other fuels.

59. Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at the park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown.
60. Quad bikes, ATVs, trials bikes, electrical or motorised bikes, go-karts, hoverboards and powered scooters are not permitted on the park.
61. You are not permitted to wash your car on the park.



62. The roadways on the park are governed by the Road Traffic Act 1988. If you are over the drink drive limit and drive a motorised vehicle anywhere in the park, you are committing a serious criminal offence.
63.We permit cars onto the park for the purposes of access to the caravan/chalet only. Accordingly, save to the extent that you may need to do so because of a disability, you must not drive cars round the park for other purposes such as visiting other locations on the park. We may ask for reasonable evidence of any disability relevant to this rule.
64. Driving on the park is restricted to the park roads.
65. You must drive all vehicles on the park carefully and within the displayed speed limit of 5mph. Do not try to avoid speed bumps or take shortcuts.
66. You must hold a full current driving licence to drive any vehicle on the park.
67. You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons at the park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the park.



68. You must not park anywhere except in the permitted parking spaces.
69. You may park not more than one car next to your designated pitch.
70. You must not park on the grass or roadsides.
71. Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including:

  1. light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation; and
  2. vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle.

72. For reasons of access and safety on the park, you must notify the park office of any delivery of goods and services. Park roads must not be unreasonably obstructed.
73. You are not permitted to have any type of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) deliver direct to your caravan/chalet.



74. You should respect the privacy of other caravan/chalet owners and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 7.00am and 9.00pm with absolute quiet between 9.00pm and 7.00am.
75. You must keep away from any vacant pitches.
76. Open fires, fire pits and ground-level barbeques are not permitted.
77. Only one barbeque per pitch is permitted.
78. When not in use, any barbeque must be stored at the side of the caravan/chalet next to the door.
79. You must finish any barbecues by 9pm.
80. You must finish any party or social gathering by 9pm.
81. You may only consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your pitch or on the park’s licensed premises.
82. You must not use a drone, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying object on the park.
83. You must not use any Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar.
84. You must not smoke within any building located on the park. Please use the designated smoking area provided at the park.



85. In the event of persistent or serious misconduct by you, a member of your family, your occupiers, visitors or guests, you will be asked to leave the park.



86. Only one hosepipe per caravan/chalet is permitted.
87. Hosepipes are only permitted to be used from Monday to Thursday, except in the case of an emergency.
88. Hosepipes are not permitted on bank holidays or during the period of any school holidays. For example, Easter, Christmas, summer holidays and any half term break.
89. You may only use the hosepipe to wash the caravan/chalet and/or decking. Hosepipes must not be used to wash boats, cars or vehicle accessories.
90. You must use a non-return valve on your hosepipe.
91. Pressure washers are not permitted.
92. Flowers and/or plants must be watered using a watering can only.



93. You may not ride bicycles, scooters (or similar) so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise. We request that parents of children with bikes and scooters ensure they are ridden in a courteous and responsible manner.
94.Bicycles, scooters (or similar) must be ridden with due care and attention to other guests, visitors or those working on the park. Riders will be banned from cycling on the park if this rule is not adhered to.
95.Bicycles, scooters (or similar) should be stored either in a storage box or outside, next to the caravan/chalet, covered in tarpaulin or other suitable bike cover.
96.Bicycles, scooters (or similar) should not be left unattended at the roadside. When not in use, bicycles, scooters (or similar) should be parked on the pitch where they will not cause an obstruction or nuisance to other guests, visitors, or those working on the park.
97.In the interests of safety, bicycles, scooters (or similar) should only be ridden on the park during daylight hours.
98.Bicycles, scooters (or similar) must not be ridden in specified areas of the park. These areas are clearly marked with signs.



99. You must not bring any pets or animals when you visit the park except the following:

  • not more than 2 dogs (other than any of the breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 which are not permitted at all); or
  • not more than 2 domestic cats; or
  • not more than 2 rabbits, guinea pigs (or similar); or.
  • not more than 2 budgerigar(s) which you must keep within the caravan/chalet.

100. Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted in the following areas of the park:

  • Swimming pool areas
  • Restaurants or food serveries
  • Any buildings on the park
  • Recreation areas

101. Any pet or animal you bring must be supervised by and under the control of you, or of a responsible adult in your party, at all times. This means you may not leave any pet or animal unsupervised in the caravan/chalet or anywhere on the park at any time, apart from small pets which live in a cage, aquarium or similar. Nor may you leave any pet or animal under the supervision of any person aged under 18. These rules apply even if the pet or animal knows the park well and you believe them to be well-behaved.
102. If you do not supervise and control any pet or animal, we are likely to ask you to remove it from the park straight away. This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk.
103. If you see another pet or animal anywhere on the park which does not appear to be supervised by and under the control of a responsible adult, or whose behaviour gives a cause for concern please tell us straight away.
104. You must not exercise dogs on the park.
105. You must keep any dog on a short lead not exceeding 2m at all times on the park. Extendable leads exceeding 2m in length are not permitted.
106. You must clean up if your animal defecates on the park.
107. You must not keep any pet or animal at the caravan/chalet or on the pitch except those which are housed in a cage, aquarium or similar and remain at all times within the caravan/chalet.
108. You and your pet must not to cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance.

Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you or any member of your party from bringing an assistance dog to the park, or from using the dog exactly as at home, if this is required to support a disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence.



109. You may only play ball and other games in the areas set aside for recreation.
110. You may not fly kites on the park due to low lying powerlines.
111. You may not use skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades or micro scooters at the park.



112. You may not use the park address for postal deliveries.



113. You may not use fire hoses on the park for any improper purpose such as washing cars or boats.
114. You must ensure that all occupants of the caravan/chalet are familiar with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices displayed at each point. Occupants of the caravan/chalet should be advised of what to do in the case of a fire, such as how to raise the alarm (instructions of which can be located at each fire point).
115. You must not store fuels or combustible materials other than those stored in removal containers on the park.
116. Patio heaters are not permitted on the park.
117. All caravan/chalet must be fitted with a smoke and heat detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire blanket and fire extinguisher. These must be kept serviced, in good working order and checked regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
118. Any fixed ventilation in the caravan/chalet must not be obstructed, blocked over or replaced by closable (hit and miss) type vents.
119. We recommend you avoid the use of electrical extension leads or ‘multi-point adaptors.
120. No combustible/flammable items should be stored under or near the caravan/chalet.
121. Furniture should be arranged so that it does not cause an obstruction to doorways or fire exits.
122. We recommend you keep torches for use in case of a power cut.



123. Emergency after office hour callouts are subject to an initial callout charge of £40 + vat.



124. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the club house unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult.
125. During cabaret/show performances, you, your guests/visitors or children should not cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance to other guests and/or the performers. Children should be seated at their tables and not playing in front of the stage when a performance is taking place.
126. Where you are found to be in breach of these park rules, management reserves the right to refuse you entry to the club and/or request that you leave the club house and bar.
127. Underage drinking is not permitted. If you appear to be under the age of 25 years, we will ask you to provide identification. The ID you provide must be an official photographic ID document, such as a driving licence or passport.
128. When returning to the caravan/chalet from the club house or bar, you should respect the privacy of other owners and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 7.00am and 9.00pm with absolute quiet between 9.00pm and 7.00am.
129. Entertainment may vary due to circumstances outside of our control. Management reserves the right to amend or cancel entertainment. We will provide you with reasonable notice of our intention to do so where this may affect you.
130. In the interests of safety of all those who are the park, we operate a stop and search policy where we have a reasonable suspicion of possession of alcohol or illegal substances. We will undertake any search with reasonable diligence and professionalism. Where your consent is withheld, we may refuse you entry to the club house and bar and refer any concerns to the police.



131. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and not be left unsupervised to play or wander alongside the river.
132. All types of water recreation such as water-boarding, rowing, kayaking, swimming or similar in the river are not permitted, except fishing.
133. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst fishing.



134. We understand chalets may require regular maintenance due to their timber structure. If you would like to carry out maintenance work on your chalet, you must put your request in writing to the park. We require full details of the type of maintenance work you wish to carry out, as well as a list of any sub-contractor/s that you will be using along with a copy of their public liability insurance. Work can only begin with written permission from the park.
135. Chalets can only be painted using a mid-dark shade of brown and permission must be granted prior to starting work. An example of the desired colour of paint/stain must be given to the park reception for permission to be granted.
136. The MCB (miniature circuit breaker) rating on your chalet cannot be more than 20 amps for chalets.



137. The procedure for selling your caravan/chalet is set out in your Licence Agreement. If you do not have a Licence Agreement, a flat rate transfer fee of £3250 will apply. Further details are available from the park office on request.
138. Private sales must be conducted through the park office.



139. It is compulsory to have the following valid periodic tests a copy of which must be provided to the park office:

  • Annual Gas Safety Record
  • EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) - every 3 years
  • Annual PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) Report

140. It is compulsory for all caravans/chalets to hold valid insurance on a new for old basis. If you do not insure though the park insurance scheme, an administration fee of £42 will apply.
141. Gas appliances must be serviced and certified annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer only.
142. It is the responsibility of the caravan/chalet owner to provide proof of the above periodic inspection and insurance certificates. Failure to do so is a breach of the park rules.