Dog Friendly Holiday Park

Why Holidaying with a Dog Can Improve Your Trip 

We are a nation of dog lovers. In fact there are over 8.5 million pooches in family households around the UK. Many of you dog owners will go through the same dilemma before each holiday. What to do with the dog?

Do you bring the furry friend along for the trip?

Do you go through the process of arranging a dog sitter?

Do you book the dreaded kennels?

If this sounds familiar then this blog post is for you! We don’t think holidaying with your dog enriches the experience, we know it! Simply from witnessing the bonds our guests and their dogs have. After all, dogs are part of the family.

For example, the all familiar welcome you receive when Buster greets you first thing in the morning doesn’t have to be missed while you’re away at Clarach Bay Holiday Village… Bring the bundle of joy with you!

Although not taken at Clarach Bay, this video shows how much fun you can have on the beach with your dog.

We are sure you don’t need much convincing as to why holidaying with your dog is a positive, but just in case you do here’s our list of pet holiday pros…

6 Reasons to Bring Your Dog on Holiday This Year

1. No Worries

Leaving your pooch behind can be daunting for both man (or woman) and best friend. Disappearing for a week and shipping the dog to kennels or a dog sitter may stress the dog out. That’s why we think being able to get away with your furry pal is a must. Not only will your dog be happier staying with you, but they enjoy the change of scenery as much as you do..

2. Experience the Great Outdoors

We are extremely lucky at Clarach Bay Holiday Village to be directly opposite the beach and to be surrounded by breathtaking views that both you and Buster can experience together. Whether a quick tootle along the beach is what you’re after, or a vast selection of hikes and walks along the coast is more up your street - you have endless options here.

3. A Happy Dog Means a Happy Owner

This is an obvious one. As pet owners, it’s something we strive for, and knowing Buster having a whale of a time brings peace of mind, and ultimately makes any owner happy too… so your trip is going to be an even more enjoyable one, it’s as simple as that!

4. Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Holiday

Animals are a well known stress reliever, so having your Buster alongside you waiting to be petted and fussed over is a recipe for sheer relaxation… for both of you! Staying at Clarach Bay Holiday Village is a relaxing environment, so your dog will pick up on your relaxed vibes and enjoy chilling out too!

5. Exercise Without Realising

A workout you’re unaware you’re doing; that’s the best kind of exercise if you ask us! Long walks on the beach, teamed with using your arm muscles by playing fetch, is an easy way to increase activity levels without really noticing a difference. What’s great is the more active you are, the longer walks you can take and the more games you can play with your pooch… just remember to bring Buster’s toys! Please be aware note that walks along the beach are restricted in high season.

6. Meet Like-minded Friends

We think this is a significant plus of holidaying with us. We’re a close-knit sociable community so the chance of meeting like-minded friends is high, and this goes for both yourself and your pup! If you’re staying at Clarach Bay Holiday Village you are bound to meet other dog owners and get chatting. Embrace it, everyone loves to go home from a holiday having made an acquaintance or two. We often hear our guests and owners talk about the long lasting friendships made at the park… and we LOVE hearing about these connections…

If you’ve got a great story to tell us about your pooch’s visit to Clarach please get in touch over on our Facebook page. We love to hear all about your experiences at the park! Any other perks to holidaying with your pooch? Let us know.

Inspired to holiday with your furry friend? You can all stay in a bronze caravan from as little as £170 per week! Try out our holiday search for availability. We allow one dog per caravan, and a small extra charge will apply.

Speak again soon,

The team at Clarach Bay Holiday Village

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