Coronavirus Update - May

Dear Owners, Guests, Staff and Friends,

Clarach Bay Holiday Village has been keeping a close eye on the recent government guidance and forecasts, and wanted to update you on our current position and expectations. 

To us, our top priorities are Safety, Security and Social-Distancing.

We want to ensure the health and wellbeing of those on our park and our local community. Therefore, we have spent the lockdown period improving our park, implementing new safety routines and investing thousands of pounds into new measures to keep everyone well.

We can now announce that we’re ready to reopen as soon as the Welsh Government gives the go-ahead. Without the shared facilities yet (sit-in restaurant, clubhouses or live entertainment) but with the accommodation and open spaces, for guests and owners.  

“The way things are going, we hope to open Clarach Bay before the summer holidays, so our guests and owners can enjoy a much-deserved break.” Thomas Scarrott, Director at Clarach Bay Holiday Village. “It’s like a fresh-air hotel - it naturally promotes social distancing - but we’ve gone above and beyond to take even more safety precautions. All of which are now in place and ready for the latest government guidance to allow us to officially open.” 

Staying safe at Clarach Bay Holiday Village

We have prepared appropriate cleaning regimes, ready to be implemented for the arrival of guests and owners. Plus, staff on-site will be kept well protected with PPE. We’ve even invested into ULV fogger machines, which provide a disinfectant mist to kill viruses and bacteria, and protect surfaces against them, which we will be using around Clarach.

As well as this, we will be introducing measures to aid social distancing. Fortunately, the size of the park means there is plenty of space for people to get around easily - each caravan is a minimum of 5 metres from the next!

As Thomas put it, holiday parks are the fresh-air hotels of the tourism industry. And, as Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said, it is a “biological truism” that being outdoors is safer than being in an enclosed space with people potentially carrying the virus.

“Although we may not be able to open our indoor facilities yet, there is plenty of great outdoor space at Clarach Bay Holiday Village to enjoy whilst social distancing. There is even a beach attached to the park which guests and owners can enjoy.” - Thomas Scarrott

Clarach Bay at Low Tide

Responsibilities of Owners and Guests

Along with our measures, Clarach Bay Holiday Village hopes that upon reopening, our guests and owners will also travel responsibly. This includes being as prepared as possible by bringing supplies with them, making sure their cars have full tanks and adhering to social distancing.  All so their contact with others is minimised and their safety is protected.

Note to Owners on Site Fees

We promise that upon reopening the park, we will be addressing site fees with you. We know that this is a stressful time for all of you, and our community of owners is very important to us. By waiting until the park reopens, we will be able to assess the full financial implications to our business. We will then be making a goodwill offer to our Owners.

There are a lot of factors at play for us, and we are constantly looking into what we can do. But for us to commit to anything financially before reopening could be devastating for our business. The overheads for our park are not that dissimilar from when it’s in full operation and we’ve been working hard on site improvements, upping our security, and spending money on safety measures, so you can come and visit when allowed without having to worry.

So please, we urge you to wait, we are hoping that we will be reopening as soon as possible and then you will receive our goodwill gesture.

When will Clarach Bay Holiday Village reopen?

In Wales, we are subject to the traffic light system to determine when things can open.

Although there are no dates associated with the traffic light system, the category Clarach falls into - ‘Working or running a business’, is now in the red phase. Once this changes to the amber phase, we will be able to open as an ‘accommodation business without shared facilities’.

Traffic light system
From the Welsh Government

Of course, we cannot say for certain when this will be, but we are ready and waiting for the amber light!

Hopefully see you soon!

The summer holidays are fast approaching and we will be updating you between then and now, as soon as we know more information. Including which facilities will be available to reopen first, whether owners can visit even earlier and whether people are allowed to cross the borders between Wales and England.

We want to thank everyone who has continued to support us - whether by tuning in to our daily entertainment livestream CBTV, sending us messages over social media, writing your lovely memories, booking holidays way in the future to help keep us in business - it means a lot and we can’t wait to welcome you back sooner rather than later. 

As ever, we hope you are staying safe and wish you all the best,
The Barker and Scarrott Family

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